Strategies to increase the quality of twitter community


Want to strengthen the quality of twitter community ,here are simple rules Business should follow to practically using the twitter account to increase its followers and to cap it all increase the business of a particular industry.

  1. Always post Valuable content– In order to increase the quality of twitter community post something valuable which is worth to your target audience and which creates value for them.
  2. Thanks the community – You must always thanks the community for sharing your posts, important conversations, information about the products. By thanking them you are appreciating their time being taken for sharing your tweets to others. Also they feel the interaction and part of the business. Once they share your content your chances of expanding and finding more followers and users on twitter are definitely going to increase which will result in more business growth.

3. Provide tweets to your community or followers– the tweets      business should provide

  through twitter account should provide value to the followers so that they can remain with your business and get useful knowledge of products and services offered.

  1. Use of Hash tags – Hash tags are excellent way to find the business you are dealing with and your profile , hash tags should be attached to the tweets in the right context, so business should clearly states in its profile about company mission statement .if people like the business profile than they will follow you.
  2. Strategic Following – In order to increase the quality of twitter community follow the users who seem to be more useful and relevant for your own business. Find users who are interested in your business and by using social bro tools you can easily engage with your followers.


  1. Use best time to tweet– By using the best time to tweet will increase the opportunity to reach the message to more users and expanding your boundaries.
  2. Leverage other social media outposts– Links of your twitter account should  be promoted  on  social media outposts such as Facebook, Google plus community, LinkedIn  and YouTube to increase the quality of the followers.

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