Social Media : An Interactive tool to influence consumers purchasing decisions.

Looking  to influence your consumers through social media, here are some  “Steps to influence the purchasing decisions of the Consumers”, which explains the importance of social media. As social media affects  all aspects of purchasing process of the  buyer  which includes problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation , purchasing decision, and post behavior purchase . The article is based on Social Media.

So here are some steps that really works.

  1. Social sharing helps consumers to analyse “what to buy”– In consumer electronics industry Social Media acts as a source for sharing product related comments, or information. Which means that consumers prefer the comments and reviews given for a specific product more credible because these comments are given by people who actually have used the products or services.


So in order to influence the decision of the consumers posts and share valuable content , information, and also share what users are talking about your product or services which will enhance the conversion from a decision to purchase .

  1. Social proofing does that allSocial Proofing  means that it clearly explains the consumers who already had purchased from a website of a business. So consumer even if don’t know about these people who bought something from that website, but will be influenced because 72% (source online marketing), of consumers trust online reviews.

3.Highlight the “Benefits – Highlighting benefits or valuable information which a consumer is seeking on Facebook or any other social media proves to influence the buying decision of the consumer because consumer is looking for a solution for his problem and therefore the companies or brands having more engagement on social media such as more shares, more comments, or reviews on certain products, motivates the consumer and influences his decision to purchase as he gets valuable information.

Thus provide more benefits driven links and posts so that consumers seeks more information and visits your website from “social media” to your company website, which means posting links to landing pages or sales pages can help you to increase the possibility from the decision to actually purchase .


4.Post purchase evaluation– Last but not the least engage with your customer, are proactive, on their issues and explain how you will deal with their issues as they occur, or in the form of customer service.

To learn more here are some useful links.




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