4 MYTHS about Social Media: Unveiled.

“4 – Myths about Social Media : Unveiled”

Here are some useful myths which are unveiled about Social Media, and which could be helpful for marketing your brand by using Social Medias such as Twitter, Facebook and many more. Social Media is an important aspect for making your brand awareness and reaching your target audience. The article is based on Myths about Social Media.


 So here are some useful myths about Social Media which are busted.

  1. MYTH: My customers don’t use Social media– For Consumer Electronics industry , the first myth is that the target customers are not using Social Media, which is not correct as mentioned  According to customers using Social Media. So this misconception is proved wrong because Social Media acts as an important source for customers to make their search for the products or services they are looking for, and their decision is influenced by Social Media, in that they get valuable information for the products they are looking for.

2.MYTH: Google+ is not for me– As many businessmen have another misconception that Google+ is not for their business or industry, but this is not correct as the benefits which are provided by Google+ cannot be ignored, because posts from Google+ are being indexed in SERPS and next to the authors Google+ profile are showing up to those results and which increases the click through rates on listings.

3.MYTH: To be successful you need to post 24/7– Although its true to post the  Valuable Content on regular basis for your target customers because in order to influence their purchasing decisions or making them aware , but it is not correct that posting more of the posts or content will make you successful on Social Media, because it can provide negative impact for your business you will spam your customers with a lot of content, thus posting valuable and relevant content is a key to succeed on Social Media.


4.MYTH- Instagram means just sharing photos– Another important myth is Instagram is only a source for sharing photos, this is not correct because as customers see photos of products or services on Instagram they are hugely influenced and the chances of engagement increases more rapidly . According to research conducted by Forrester “Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter”. Thus the importance of Instagram for business cannot be ignored.

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