4 Tips for integrating “Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing”.

4 Tips for integrating “Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing”.

Are you Looking  for how to  integrate your Social  Media Marketing with Email Marketing for better results for your business. The fact to integrate them was that both of these marketing campaigns are much more effective when they are worked together. Here are some east to follow tips which are quite helpful to integrate your marketing campaigns together to increase more leads and customers for your business. Here are some useful tips for consumer electronics industry. The Article is based on Integration.


Tip # 1.  Provide Incentives –   The first aspect for integrating email and social media to offer incentives to your customers. So that the customers can connect with you on other social networks such as facebook.

However the Incentives should not include financial incentives An Example of such incentive is by offering a subscriber a chance to be in his next email for the one who generated the most click through. This was done because customers are always willing to save and are keen to know   what’s in it for them.

Tip #2. Customer Lifecycle  Another aspect for integrating Email marketing with social media marketing is using customer lifecycle in order to engage more customers ,Email Marketing is  useful because as throughout the customer lifecycle finding opportunities by sending triggered based Emails which could encourage them with Social Media.

By sending the  Emails to the customers the Marketing of the business brand is automatically triggered, as interest is evoked through Emails which further leads the customers to visit the brand on Social Media.

Tip #3.  Provide and link Email Sign up through Social Media– This Feature is extremely useful to promote your email signup through social media. This can be done if your business or industry has large number of subscribers, by promoting your email signup through social media channels such as Facebook or twitter more leads could be generated which will increase  the effectiveness and performance of your business.

Tip #4. Activate your loyal readers- The fourth and last tip for integrating email marketing with social media marketing is to identify the customers who have opened at least 60% of your emails in last 12 months.


These are the loyal readers because they find your email more useful, thus your job is to develop an email marketing campaigns in order to keep such readers loyal in the coming future.

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