About Me


I am Karan pursuing  Graduate Diploma in Business specialize in Marketing studies from Unitec . I am an ethical person who believes in simple living and high thinking. Talking about my nature I am a honest person who follows ethics in his life.  I am passionate about making my dreams to be successful .I love to do unique and new things , because I feel more happy .For me confidence is my key strength which has taken me to new heights .My key skills are

  • Ability to work under pressure under different circumstances and managing my work.
  • Excellent communicator and team player , i know the importance of the team in work .
  • having leadership qualities  which includes honesty, mission , and confidence.
  • Passionate about my work and performing it with my fullest efficiency.

I deliver on my promises and once I get a task or work  I get committed into it . And to cap it all I  want to be known for my honest behavior, the hard working capability of myself and passion of my work I have. For me success comes by taking small steps. I believe that keep moving until you get what you want .Further I am a kind hearted person who is ready to help others and believes in sharing.


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