From Visitors to Leads by using Google Analytic Acquisition Reports.

From Visitors to Leads by using Google Analytic Acquisition Reports..


From Visitors to Leads by using Google Analytic Acquisition Reports.

Here are some easy to follow steps which could be useful for your business.


#1. Managing Click through Rate– By Managing the number of clicks per page, you open doors for getting more traffic for your business. It implies that to increase the number of clicks per page the keywords should be appealing and attractive for the clients. You can do this by using Queries report which is a tool describing the ranking of your clicks per page on your website.

#2.Focus on top priority visitors- Google Analytic provides reports on the different types of visitors who viewed or who are interested in your webpage. So by focusing upon  these target visitors by using Audience-demographics reports in Google analytic.

$ Smart Tip – Just stick to top 3 or 5 countries visitors and focus on them .

#3. Frequency of Visits– Audience behavior reports in Google analytic provides with the frequency of visitors for your website .frequency here means counts of visits. Your goal is to understand the behavior of the clients and to get more of these visitors.


Once these clients visits more on your business or company website they will become more loyal for your webpage which results in more traffic and order to know the behavior use paid or non-paid search traffic .

#4. Track events– By using events tracking feature in Google analytic your business can keep track of the events took place on your website.It is the best feature provided by Google Analytic for its users, because this feature provides the core of detailed version about all the events which took place on your companies website.


  • How many people bought from your website.
  • How many people downloaded e book from your website.
  • Which log in feature is helpful for converting visits into profitable leads

#5. Total conversions by landing pages– by using total conversion by landing pages reports from Google analytic your business website can make your top prominent products and its features to be displayed on the homepage, or side of your business or company website which will indirectly leads to more leads as people are looking for the best benefits and products.

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